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This MENU is part of a new project in our restaurant, where we want to narrate what we are made of and where we come from. This is the story of the Great Cauca of our rich, original cooking, from the mountains to the sea and to the rainforest and from the Pacific Coast to the Valley of Cauca River. This is the first step in our research of the different ecosystems that inhabit us.


We search for a cuisine that is made with local products and based on culinary art of origin. This will allow for our cultural solidification to silently tell us through its flavours the ancestral knowledge and the echoes of our land. We want our cooking to speak of who we are, to tell the stories between the lines of our region, to whisper to farmers, to revive our memory and be able to convey the complexity of our country. So here it is, a menu for our gastronomy transcend culinary art and become a system of communication that speaks about who we are.


TENDERLOIN TARTARE AND WHEAT with coriander and olive seeds wrapped in Isabella grape leaf, bathed in mandarin-lemon brine mayo.


ROASTED ARTICHOKES with native potatoes, sweet chili peppers, green pepper vinaigrette and our mayo recipe.

SMOKED GROUPER TOAST over coee-flavored wood, with Serrano ham, peppers, soy caramel and sautéed vegetables.

AGED CORN “MONTADITO” with fresh Colombian cheeses, smoked

roast beef and smoked pork juice.

FRIED ZUCCHINI FLOWERS stued with countryside cheeses

with colombian´s vanilla honey.

CURED SALMON TOAST tahini, avocado, chipotle chili,

debittered lemons, and finely shredded leek.

GREEK SALAD WITH RED TOMATOES onion, cucumber, marinated olives, peppers, and feta cheese with olive and citrus vinaigrette.

CHARCOAL ROASTED CORN AREPITAS stued with sautéed tenderloin

on a soy, cilantro, and aioli reduction.

PORK RIBS with guava BBQ, mustard seed coleslaw,

potatoes and dill mayonnaise.

HANDMADE PORK CHORICITOS with blue cheese, lemongrass honey,

aioli and crunchy potatoes.

PRAWN ABORRAJADOS wrapped in cheese and sweet plantain,

with passion fruit aioli.

FRESH RED TILAPIA CEVICHE in lemon sauce, sweet peppers, “titoté (coconut oil) and cilantro, with Cauca-grown corn in two textures.

CHICHARRÓN SALAD, Carantanta (fried corn dough),

rooftop herbs and chili jam.

STEAMED MUSSELS with cured butter and coriander seeds.

SPICY FERMENTED CAULIFLOWERS with curry and chili peppers, buried in coriander, peppermint, basil, tangerine lemons in brine and toasted coconut.

SMOKED EGGPLANTS honey and pomegranate pulp, lime skin,

goat cheese, nuts and olive oil.


GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST with mole from the Colombian massif in 70% cacao chocolate and small plantain purée.

MI-CUIT SALMON with pickled radishes, wasabi, and roasted potatoes.


GRILLED OCTOPUS over foie cream with fried lentils, goat cheese,

aioli and soy caramel.

ROASTED PORK slow cooked on achiote and “pipián”, with peanut cream.

SMOKED BEEF LOIN with rooftop herb chimichurri, avocado, onion, plantain chips and fried “Cajete” aged tortillas.

MUSHROOM AND VEGETABLE GRIDDLE with red wine caramel, organic greens, roast potatoes, olive oil, almond cheese and walnuts.

CATCH OF THE DAY marinated in sweet chili pepper and seed vinegar,

plantain crunchies and “chontaduro” (palm tree fruit).


FRESH BAKED TUMACO CRAB on a carpaccio of native

potatoes with organic vegetable salad.


SHRIMP STEW shrimp, squid, clams and mussels with rice in deep bottom.


LAMB RIBS on rice pilau with Oriental spices and fresh

market herbs and cashews ornament.


MADURO CHEESECAKE Ripe plantain and 70% cacao chocolate.


ISABELLA GRAPE PIE and crispy biscuit.


CHOCOLATE MOUSSE with coee and passion fruit layers.


MANJARBLANCO ICE CREAM and “dulce de leche” bits.

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