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This MENU is part of a new project in our restaurant, where we want to narrate what we are made of and where we come from. This is the story of the Great Cauca of our rich, original cooking, from the mountains to the sea and to the rainforest and from the Pacific Coast to the Valley of Cauca River. This is the first step in our research of the different ecosystems that inhabit us.
We search for a cuisine that is made with local products and based on culinary art of origin. This will allow for our cultural solidification to silently tell us through its flavours the ancestral knowledge and the echoes of our land. We want our cooking to speak of who we are, to tell the stories between the lines of our region, to whisper to farmers, to revive our memory and be able to convey the complexity of our country. So here it is, a menu for our gastronomy transcend culinary art and become a system of communication that speaks about who we are.

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